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Follow Planet Antares Scam alerts and tips while starting a vending business. It is important to stay away from various vending scams to generate profits.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Planet Antares Scam Warning, Tips & Advice

Vending seems to be a very easy business choice to lot of people mainly because there are no entry barriers to this business, is easy to handle, it does not ask any professional qualification or specific skills thus lets anyone and everyone start this business. In fact the number of vending users is also on the rise in the past few years due to drastic change in eating habits and lifestyles. All these have provided a lot of hype to vending machine business.

This sudden increase in demand for this business is made use of by few fraudsters. Wondering how? Vending scams take place in several different ways. If you think that you can easily identify these fraudsters, you are mistaken. They are very smart and the only way you can avoid such scams is by being lot more careful in your approach. Planet Antares Scam tips for vending entrepreneurs can guide you on various vending scams.

You might have seen several ads or hoardings stating that you can make huge money within a very shot span of time through vending machine business. This is just another misconception. Vending is similar to most other business models and needs lot of planning and hard work for succeeding. Ofcourse if you are partnering with a reputed company with years of experience in the field, then you can start your vending business on the right note. If someone is giving you such promises that you don’t have to do anything, it is clearly evident that he is trying to cheat you.

Try to avoid purchasing costly products online. The main draw back of online purchasing is that you may be shown one product and dispatched a totally different product at the end. Another drawback is that the manufacturing company or the company offering vending machine may not exist in reality. Even discount vending products like snacks etc offered through online ordering can be a scam. So you have to be cautious about your suppliers.

How can you protect yourself? Well as the saying goes “Prevention is better that cure”, gather as much information as possible about the company from which you are about to purchase the product. If at all you want to go by feedback, consult someone who has already purchased a product from the same company. Even better, ask company’s representative to provide references in your area.

Due diligence and proper care would help you prevent yourself from becoming prey to vending scams. For any help on recognizing fraudsters and scams contact Planet Antares staff and complete guidance on how this business actually works.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Factors Determining Success Of Planet Antares Business

Success is not guaranteed in any kind of business and vending is no exception to this fact. However, there are several factors that determine or influence the success of this business. In case of vending these factors include:
  • Location: Location is one of the important factors that influences the success or failure of your business. While choosing location, look for one that has maximum footfall. Theatres, parks, movie halls, shopping malls etc are some of the ideal choices for locating your vending machine. Avoid installing your machines in isolated locations as this could invite vandalism and theft.
  • Stock: Whenever you start a vending business, make sure that you conduct a thorough market research. Try to purchase stock directly from manufacturers as this could help you in minimizing costs and thus make higher profits. Also ensure that your machines are always stocked sufficiently. This will prevent customers from returning empty handed.
  • Pricing: Price of the products offered is also crucial. Operator has to bear their target audience in mind before offering any high priced products in their machine. For instance: if you have placed your vending machines in a middle class locality targeting the local audience there, offering high priced products is not going to benefit you.
  • Scale of operation: When you start vending business for the first time, do not go in for too many machines in the initial stage. It is always advisable to start small with may be one or two machines. Once you gain confidence in yourself and on the way things are moving, you can expand by going in for more number of machines.
  • Kind of machines purchased: Always make sure you buy machines and products from established or reputed manufacturers like Planet Antares. This will reduce the risk of purchasing faulty or poor quality items.
These simple factors if considered can bring you huge success in our venture.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Planet Antares Advice on Avoiding Vending Mistakes

There are no set standards for operating a vending machine business. In fact just like any other business vending provides on job experience where people tend to learn from their own actions. However, you can also learn from the experiences of others.

Planet Antares Vending machine business can be highly successful as long as you make a note of others mistakes and avoid repeating the same. Even though vending machines are not very expensive, every single penny invested in this business is valuable for the operator. Some of the common mistakes committed by vending operators are mentioned below:

  • Misinterpretation of profits: Most often operators miscalculate the amount of profit they are going to make in this business. This may arise due to wrong choice of vending location and as a result they do not meet their expected sales target. The end result would be increase in cost over revenue.
  • Purchase of machine: In order to lower initial investment costs, few operators compromise on the kind of machine they purchase and settle for a used machine. This is a very costly mistake as the performance efficiency of these machines is very less in comparison to new ones. Hence operators should carefully evaluate the prevailing options and always go for a new vending machine of reputed manufacturers like Planet Antares.
  • Source of purchase: Always purchase machines from established and reputed companies. Since they are operating in this business line for quite sometime, they would be able to provide you with the best quality product.
  • Customer requirements: It is not what you want that is important. Understanding what customers need is vital for the success of this business. If certain products are not performing well, you need to replace slow moving ones with fast moving items. Operators also need to ensure that the vending machine is properly maintained and promptly filled.
Making use of this information, operators should try and avoid making these mistakes.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Factors Influencing Choice Of Planet Antares Vending Machine

Although vending looks to be a very simple business model, at every step operator need to make several crucial decisions. Purchase of vending machine is the first step to begin with while starting a vending machine business. The kind of vending machine you purchase is definitely going to influence the success of your business. However, there are several factors that influence your purchase decision.

Let’s look at each of them in detail

• Availability of finances: Finance is crucial for starting a business itself. As we all know there are different models of vending machines available in the market at various prices, colors, shapes, designs and models. What are your business needs? Operators should bear this in mind while selecting a vending machine. The kind of machine you purchase should be able to meet all your business requirements.

• Scale of operations: It is always advisable to begin with one or two vending machines in the beginning. This would cost less and at the same time you can experiment on it. If things work the way you want, then you can slowly expand.

• Products to be offered: Since this is a customer driven business, try to offer products that have maximum demand or prefer latest products or branded items. Offering any one of these could be highly profitable.

• Customer base: Where are you going to install your Planet Antares machine? Who are your target customers? All these influence your choice of vending machine. For instance: if you are targeting kids, purchase a vending machine with attractive colors, animations or good sound effects. These features can definitely grab children’s attention.

• Ease in operation: Vending machine should be very easy to operate and at the same time should be very difficult to tamper with. This avoids fear of theft.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you in identifying most appropriate machine suitable for your business requirements.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Branded Items In Planet Antares Vending Machines

Gone are the days when customers would purchase any and every product you offer. Modern customers are too choosy when it comes to the products and services they use. They are even prepared to spend more money in order to enjoy the desired products of their choice. What is brand? Brand is nothing but a name, symbol or design or a combination of all these intended to differentiate goods or services of one seller from another.

Brand is also able to build customer loyalty especially in case of FMCG products. It is not an exaggeration to state that customer’s product recognition is very high in case of branded items. Moreover it has been proved over years that sales of branded items are far more than the unbranded ones.

In such a situation, dispensing of branded items becomes imperative for the operator. The main advantages of selling branded items are:

• Popular: Almost all branded items have national recognition while few are renowned internationally. In such a case, operator need not take up any additional advertising or promotional activities while offering these products. Brand name itself sells the products across the counter.

• High returns: If you are looking at earning high returns on the investment made by you, dispensing branded items is ideal for you.

Once you identify the right location and place your machine stocked with branded items there, sales would be generated almost automatically. It is easy to sell branded products as most customers prefer branded products since they are faster and cheaper. If you are selling unbranded products alone, you need to take up some promotional activities to boost your sales. So, a smart vending operator would offer both branded and unbranded products together.

Planet Antares operators should bear one thing in mind. Try to find the best supplier who can offer you best supplies. The products offered for sale should match the location in which the machine is placed. A proper balance of branded and unbranded products is always beneficial. All this if followed properly will yield high returns.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Planet Antares Vending - One of the Best Business Opportunities

Planet Antares Vending is one of the best business opportunities. What makes this business so special? The simplicity, accessibility and ease of operation are the three main features of this business that make are very popular both among customers and operators. Starting your own vending business is definitely a good decision.

As stated earlier, this is a very simple business that can be taken up almost by anyone. Vending does not ask for any specific skills or prior work experience for its operators. Unlike other business ventures, vending does not require huge capital or floor space for installing its machines. In fact this business can even be taken up from your respective homes.

The other over head costs and maintenance costs associated with this business are also are pretty low when compared to most other businesses. Some of the unique features of this business are:

• It gives complete flexibility in terms of working hours and recruiting staff.

• Unlike other businesses, vending business operates in open market and there are no boundary restrictions.

• This is a complete cash business; hence operators can make money from day one of machine installation.

• Operator has complete liberty in terms of choosing vending machine, products to be dispensed and area for installing the machine.

• The maintenance and over head costs are also pretty low.

• Since there are no set working hours, revenue can be generated round the clock without any interruption to services rendered to customers.

• Instant and fast services are provided to customers. Hence customers need not worry any more about standing in long queues or wait for collecting their product.

• Vending is the only business that has been least influenced by changing market or fluctuating economy.

Besides these benefits mentioned above, what else would any entrepreneur look for in a business he is about to start.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vending Perfect Home Based Business Opportunity

Vending business allows you to be your own boss and also gives you complete freedom in respect of deciding the number of hours you want to work, the number of machines you would like to start with and the products you would like to offer. Of course you can hire sales force if required depending upon the success rate of your business.

Vending operators can service their routes all by themselves, maintain and even restock their machines all by themselves. At the time of expansion, operators need to identify new and promising locations for installing their machines. If you are unable to identify locations by your self, you can also consult with the owners of new premises like restaurants, schools, shopping malls etc.

You can also take the assistance of vending locators on the ideal place for installing your machine, the type of machine customers are interested in and the kind of products they would like to stock in their machine. All this can be done by operator himself or even take the support and guidance of a locator. To start with, you can make use of flyers that carry information about the various services offered and contact details. Flyers is the best method hen it comes to collecting information related to existing operators in the locality, most commonly used models of vending machines, their prices, services offered and similar information that impacts the success of your business.

Another way of identifying new locations is by advertising. With the prospects of success being very high, several operators are spending huge money on various modes of advertising. However, operators need to be choosy when it comes to investing their hard earned money and be very cautious so that they do not get carried away by any misleading information.

A thorough knowledge of all these would enable you to run your business smoothly without any operational hiccups but it is still advised to get advice from Planet Antares staff as they are experienced in the vending business and know exactly how to set up a profitable vending business.

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